Classic Shine Pink Spray Wax – Extreme High Gloss Shine

Classic Shine Pink Spray Wax – Extreme High Gloss Shine


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Product Description

Why Buy Classic Shine Wax?

  • Cleans, Shines & Protects
  • Fruity Refreshing Scent
  • Long-lasting High Gloss Shine
  • Blend of Premium Carnauba Wax, Gloss Enhancers
  • Protects Against Fading, Damage Caused by Pollution, Contamination, UV Sunlight, Water Spots, Bugs, Bird Droppings.
  • Shields Paintwork, Polished Metals, Glass, & Clear Plastics.
  • Deep Wet Reflection
  • Size: Quart, Gallon, 5 Gallon
  • Fast Delivery (2 Day Shipping)
  • 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

About Classic Shine Wax
Detailing professionals nationwide love the brilliant shine of USA Auto Supply’s car wash soaps and detail sprays. Now USA Auto Supply has created a formula to shield and protect vehicles against harsh elements with Classic Shine Wax High Gloss Shine. Classic Shine Wax blends the durable protective properties of natural carnauba wax with the gloss enhancers that made Classic Shine Wax a favorite nationwide. Sealant technology extends the durability of the brilliant natural carnauba shine, and helps reject harsh UV sunlight, pollution, and contaminants that destroy shiny paint. That warm wet carnauba wax shine that enthusiasts have loved for over 100 years is getting even better in Classic Shine Wax quick high gloss shine. The unique blend of optical select gloss enhancers make any paint color shine to its very limits. With a coat of wax, warm hues like red, orange, and yellow glow and gleam like wet paint; cool colors like blue and metallic silver and gray shimmer with brilliant clarity; black and white reflect all light with unfettered purity; and glossy and metallic finishes show pure reflection, or highlight every individual sparkle flake. Detailing professionals and car enthusiasts everywhere have a new favorite go-to wax. Shine, enhance, and protect any paint color with the signature bold luster of USA Auto Supply’s Classic Shine Wax.

Classic Shine’s High Gloss Shine
With a single spray, You will see why USA Auto Supply’s Classic Shine Wax is held at a high standard of a glossy deep-wet shine. Fans nationwide raved over the intense depth and glossy shine wiped into paintwork with every spray of Classic Shine Wax. After tons of R&D, USA Auto Supply extended the same level of gloss and shine to the maintenance car wash steps to Dr. Ivan Car Wash Soap. Blending the same optical select gloss enhancers with premium car wash shampoo helps reduce swirls and scratches, and boost gloss and shine to full-detail levels with just a regular car wash. The premium blend of gloss enhancers, natural carnauba wax, and synthetic sealant technology enhances any car paint finish with extreme glossy shine, deep-wet reflection, and durable protection against the elements that destroy shiny paint over time.

Durable Protection And Long-Lasting Results
We don’t wax our cars just to make them look shiny; we wax our cars to protect them against the harsh elements. Pollution, dirt, insects, water, birds, and sunlight destroy shiny paint finishes over time, leaving them dull and faded. Classic Shine Wax’s High Gloss Shine is made with natural carnauba: nature’s toughest wax. This wax comes from the leaves of a plant in the rainforests of Brazil. The wax is nature’s sunscreen; shielding the plant from harsh UV sunlight that would otherwise cook and burn it. Chemists copy and modify natural wax compounds in a laboratory to make them more durable for longer-term protection and shine. Classic Shine Wax is blended with synthetic wax sealant polymers to extend the protection and beautiful shine of the natural wax for months on end. Classic Shine Liquid Wax it is unlike any other wax; it is a hybrid product that combines the look of a wax with the protection of a sealant. Reject pollution and contamination with Classic Shine Wax with a High Gloss Shine to enhance and maintain the shine of any car.

Wax Protection All Around The Car
Car wax is known for protecting and enhancing glowing shine on paintwork, but its protective properties extend far beyond shiny paintwork. Spread a coat of Classic Shine Wax High Gloss Shine over polished metals like chrome, aluminum, and stainless steel to help prevent oxidation and tarnish caused by pollution and humidity. Placing Classic Shine Wax over the windshield and side windows helps repel raindrops and water, which decreases the need for wiper blades and increases visibility in inclement weather. Headlights are especially sensitive to the elements: fading and hazing up from harsh UV sunlight cooking the plastic. Regular protection with Classic Shine High Gloss Wax helps shield polycarbonate headlight lenses from damaging UV rays, and keeps them clearer for longer. Enthusiasts wax carbon fiber and polished engine bay and exhaust components, and even wheels to make every part shine its best for the car show. Professional detailers even bring Classic Shine Wax inside the car to enhance parts like wood grain dashboard trim with a glowing wet shine everybody loves. Treat every shiny car part with the signature warm glow and lustrous shine of USA Auto Supply’s Classic Shine Wax – High Gloss Shine.

How to use Classic Shine Wax 

  1. Wash car and decontaminate the surface with a clay bar
  2. Spray a thin, even coat over the surface.
  3. Use Classic Shine Wax on shiny and clear exterior car parts, like paint, glass, clear plastic, and polished metals
  4. Buff off residue with a soft microfiber towel

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5 Gallons, Gallon, Quart – 32 ounces

3 reviews for Classic Shine Pink Spray Wax – Extreme High Gloss Shine

  1. Jon Rosado

    Great product for a quick shine , I’ve been using this product for years

  2. Carlos Rivera

    Its great for waxing and glossy shine, and very easy to use. You just spray and buff out with a microfiber towel. Highly recommended by me.

  3. Jon Rosado

    Great product!

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